Keep The Cash Flow, Lose The Work!

Career change? Moving? retiring?

Don't let all those hard earned leads and licenses go to waste!
Become a "Professional Real Estate Referral Consultant" and get cash from the time you invested in your business. When you turn your family and friends in to referrals, they get great service and you get paid.

Sign up today and send referrals of ANYONE to ANYWHERE.

Earn Up To 90% Splits On Your Leads!

    Summary Of How It Works:

  • .You select your commission split as follows
  • 50% Commission Split
    60% Commission Split
    70% Commission Split
    80% Commission Split
    90% Commission Split
  • Agree to abide by the DCG Policy & Procedures.
  • Keep your license active with New York State ( $35 transfer fee to move license to DCG)
  • Agree to act as an Independent Contractor limiting your license activities to sending referrals through DCG
  • All commissions have a $50 handling fee, after which the above selected split is calculated.

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Per hour worked this is the highest paying job in the real estate business!

No MLS fees
No Board Dues
No Selling
No Desk fee
No Office Meetings
No Evening and weekend works
No Sitting an open house
No Driving across the town as a glorified chauffeur
No E&O insurance fees
No Lock Boxes or signs to buy, maintain, repair or post.
No High vehicle wear-and-tear or fuel costs to incur.
No Monthly advertising fees or marketing costs.
No Web sites to fund or maintain.
No Photographs or virtual tours to take, generate or upload.
No Endless escrow needs or last-minute closing headaches.
No Chasing signatures and approvals from buyers and sellers.
No Deadlines.
No Late night or weekend panic phone calls.

Send your leads to the best agents in the business and let them do all the work. You can join our network and receive up to 90% splits with no more than the effort to fill out a referral on the leads you come across. Let someone else do the work, drive clients to and fro, work weekends and pay all the MLS fees!

You have no pressure to generate referrals or produce sales
You refer buyers/seller, another broker does all the work, you sit back and collect a referral fee.

When you come across people in a casual conversation an they express a need to buy or sell real estate, here is a chance to turn that in to cash flow, You can get the best agent to work for them and you profit by it. A great win/win situation! The top agents are anxious and willing to pay a referral fee for the name of those people. When you have a prospective client, ask them if they will allow you to refer them to a full-service agent and tell them that you will be receiving a referral fee. Unless they already have decided on an agent, most people will be glad to let you refer them. The advantage to the client is that agents work harder with a referral because they have someone to answer to and because they want you to refer more business to them.

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