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    Summary Of How It Works:

  • .You select your commission split as follows
  • 50% Commission Split
    60% Commission Split
    70% Commission Split
    80% Commission Split
    90% Commission Split
  • Agree to abide by the DCG Policy & Procedures
  • Keep your license active with New York State ( $35 transfer fee to move license to DCG)
  • Agree to act as an Independent Contractor limiting your license activities to sending referrals through DCG
  • All commissions have a $50 handling fee, after which the above selected split is calculated
  • Yearly renewal is on April 1st each year (regardless of when you join)

You can begin submitting referrals online when you receive verification that your licenses has been transferred! (Usually within 48 Hrs)

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Please be aware we have a no refund policy. There is no proration of fee. Regardless of when you join, your subscription will expire on March 31. Renewals are due before April 1.

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